Parametric Acoustic Surface Design with Grasshopper


This is an example of parametric surface design for a ceiling. Inspired by the shapes of a restored floor and combined with acoustic needs of the room.

The old restored floor means something for the users. The moment that they wanted me to develop a ceiling design for their music room, I decided to keep the meaning. I kept the basic shapes and the lines of the floor that were years and years used by the family in this home next to the Bosporus. And I turned it to an acoustic ceiling which is hanged from the structural ceiling of the building with the reflection of the restored floor. The main function of the ceiling is to absorb different frequency bands according to acoustic simulations and calculations. Grasshopper allowed me to develop the model. Then I will test it in acoustic simulation program.

Here is the floor pattern.


Picture 2,3,4 and 5 presents the ceiling. Different versions have different storage volumes for the absorber material. This should be calculated and simulated together with the room reverberation. Here is my code in Grasshopper:

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Acoustic Consultant in Glass & Sabah /